How Many Times have you Been asked to Sell your Car?

Have you ever went anywhere in particular, just to be asked, “Do you want to sell your car?” Well, your not alone in this! Many people have this same thing happening to them as well.  However, when you are asked that question from people, if your like me, you want to see what kind of offer they will give you so you say, “Maybe.” Testing the waters is a good way to find out if you would really want to sell your car to this individual or maybe you really just don’t like your vehicle and you want to get rid of it.

Sometimes when you deal with people on craigslist you get afraid of who might call you up to tell you they are coming to look at your car.  I know I do.  There are a lot of crazy people out there and who knows if I want to trust that person on the other side of the phone to come and look at my car.  They could have some mental condition that I don’t know about.  However, I have had great experiences from craigslist and sold many things off of that website and I am sure there are many more sales to come; hoping that I never see a craigslist killer while I am waiting for that next person to show up to see whatever I am selling.  That is why sometimes when you talk to someone on craigslist they want to meet you somewhere and not at their place of residence. Not that I can blame them.

Some people are shy and don’t really like talking to people over the phone, so they choose to email or text.  That is okay with us.  Shy people I would say are the safest, because they don’t like groups of people and they stay away from events that take place, because of their shyness.

Our business reaches out to all these people.  The shy, the craigslist, the texters and the people who like email.  We supply many tools to our customers to make the process as easy as possible.  So, the shy people have easier ways to communicate with the world around them and to not be afraid to come out of their houses into the sunlight.  It’s okay, get in your car and take a drive around your block and don’t stay hidden in your house with the blinds closed hoping that one day you will persevere through your shyness. We can help you do that!

If you or someone you know has a vehicle and they are afraid of talking on the phone and they prefer to communicate through email or text, we have an online form on our home page that you can fill out to send to us.  We like to help everybody out the best we can and make things as easy as possible.

For everyone else that is OK talking on the phone and those who are not shy at all, call us now to get a free quote within minutes!

(513) 334-0587